The pandemic is over and finally workshops can take place.
From the beginning, Textile Touches was planned to bring together people with very different experiences and from very different backgrounds in shared workshop spaces. Meeting the other while working creatively on the same theme is what I wanted to initiate. The first ones are now taking place in Stuttgart, which makes me very happy.
I am working on having many more in other cities.

Although flight always has sad causes, I still imagine that there will be garment artworks that show very diverse emotions and experiences. Perhaps there is joy at having met someone who enriches one’s life. Or there is interesting friction taking place.

Obviously, flight, migration and integration will continue to surround us in the years to come. With the war in Ukraine, the topic is closer than ever for me personally. My deepest wish is to transform the stranger into a friend.

Irene Schüller, initiator of the project